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Apricot Kernels

  • semillas de albaricoque, pepitas de albaricoque, apricot kernels, apricot seeds, abrikozenpitten

Raw, bitter Apricot kernels (seeds)
Rich in Amygdalin (Laetrile), Vitamin B17
100% Ecological & Organic
Made in Spain
Harvest: 06/2018

Usage Purpose:
Natural nutritional and dietary supplement
Raw material for the extraction of Amygdalin

Dry, clean, whole kernels (seeds) of approx. 400 mg.

Bitter tasting seeds with soft and sweet aftertaste

Whole apricot kernel / seed
Amygdalin content >5%
Moisture content 8%-15%

Suggested daily intake:
Prevention therapy: 1-2 kernel per 10 kg. body weight
Treatment therapy: 2-3 kernels per 10 kg. body weight
Divide intake over 3 daily meals
For more information on treatments, please click here.

Product Expiration:
2 years after packaging date

Storage Conditions:
Preferably store in fresh, dry and dark environment

Delivery Terms:
Packaging: 1 kg. sealed plastic bag
Transport from Spain: Fedex
Delivery costs: Depending on order size and country
Delivery time: 1 week

Minimum Order: 1 kg.

Price: 50 €/kg. (10% VAT and shipping not included)
Special discounts for larger orders.

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