Dry Stevia Leaves

*100% Organic
*Produced in Spain
*New harvest: 2018

Usage Purpose:
Natural nutritional and dietary supplement
Raw material for the extraction of Steviol Glycosides E960

Organic dry stevia leaves, in bulk

Very sweet taste with a nice and soft aftertaste

Dried whole leaf stevia
Steviol Glycosides between 16%-21%
Moisture content 6%-8%

Product Expiration:
2-3 years after packaging date

Storage Conditions:
Preferably store in fresh, dry and dark environment

Delivery Terms:
Corresponding Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Corresponding Organic Certificate (ECO)
Packaging: 5 kg. in cardboard box
Transport from Spain: Door-to-Door
Delivery costs: Depending on order size and country
Delivery time: 1 week

Minimum Order: 5 kg.

Price: 16,90 €/kg.
Additional discounts for larger orders.

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