Product Description: REBAUDIOSIDE A
Food additive – natural sweetener (E960)
*Steviol Glycosides: Reb-A 98%
*Pure Stevia extract (no fillers added)
*From natural origin (the Stevia leaf)
*Production is based on nanofiltration
*Zero calorie sweetener
*Suitable for diabetics

Appearance & Taste:
Fine white powder, intense clean sweet taste
Reb-A 98% (1 gram equals 400 grams of sugar)

Pure Stevia extract powder Rebaudioside-A
CAS: 58543-16-1
Chemical Formula: C44H70O23

Product Expiration:
Two years after packaging date

Storage Conditions:
Preferably store in fresh, dry and dark environment

Corresponding Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Packaging: 1 kg. sealed alu-bag
Delivery costs: Depending on order size
Delivery time: Depending on order size

Minimum Order: 10 kg. (equals 4.000 kg. of sugar)
(For smaller orders, please follow this link)

Price: Depending on order size.

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