Stevia Extract (SG95-RA60 - Reb-A 97/98)


Stevia Market:

Stevia is the most booming natural high intensity sweetener available in the market. Steviol glycosides origin from the stevia leaf and does not contain any calories. It is about 200~400 times sweeter than sugar and can be used in replacement of sugar to eliminate or reduce calories and to add sweetness in a wide variety of products including beverages, sports nutrition, bakery products, dairy products, confectionary, table tops, dietary supplements, canned fruits, syrups and condiments etc.

Apart from its multiple benefits, its price is also cheaper than refined sugar. The average price of a kilo of sugar in bulk is around 0,50 €/kg. To obtain the same sweetness per kilo of sugar, Stevia extract is around 0,35 € (since it is 400 times sweeter than sugar) Therefore it is a Win-Win situation, since Stevia extract is less harmful than sugar but is also much cheaper.​

Product Description: Rebaudioside A
Food additive – natural sweetener (E960)
*Pure Stevia extract (no fillers added)
*From natural origin (the Stevia leaf)
*Steviol Glycosides: SG95-RA60 – Reb-A 97/98
*Production is based on extraction by nanofiltration
*Zero calorie sweetener
*Suitable for diabetics

Appearance & Taste:
Fine white powder, intense clean sweet taste
SG95RA60  (1 gram equals 300 grams of sugar)
Reb-A 97/98 (1 gram equals 400 grams of sugar)

Pure Stevia extract powder Rebaudioside-A
CAS: 58543-16-1
Chemical Formula: C44H70O23

Product Expiration:
Two years after packaging date

Storage Conditions:
Preferably store in fresh, dry and dark environment

Corresponding Certificate of Analysis
Packaging: Aluminium bag in cardboard box
Delivery costs: Depending on order size
Delivery time: 4/5 working days

Minimum Order: 1 kg. (equals 400 kilos of sugar)

Price: 140 €/kg. (equals 0,35 € per kilo of sugar)
*VAT + Shipping not included
Special discount for large orders