Stevia Plants & Seedlings

plantas de stevia

Product Description:
Stevia Rebaudiana Plants & Seedlings
100% natural, non-transgenic
Adapted to the European climate
Corresponding Organic Certificate

Variety / Strains:
Criolla (Paraguay/Spanish)

Plants with a high level of production
Between 3,500 – 4,500 Kg./Ha./year, dry leaf
Steviol glycoside content 16-21%

Living green and size between 8-10 cm.

Delivery Terms:
Different size trays in cardboard box
International Transport: DHL
Transport within Spain: NACEX

Number of plants:
Terrain of 100 m2: 700-800 plants
Terrain of 1.000 m2: 7.000-8.000 plants
Terrain of 5.000 m2: 35.000-40.000 plants
Terrain of 1 hectare: 70.000-80.000 plants

Until end of December 2019

End of March 2020

Minimum Order:
900 plants (approx. 120 m2)

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