Stevia Seed


Product Description:
Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni Seeds (Criolla)
100% Organic, cultivated in Spain
Bee Pollination
Manually picked and selected
Clean seeds, plant remains <1%​
Harvest: 2021

Original Criolla (non-transgenic)

Germination: > 75% (superior quality)

Product Expiration:
1 year after packaging date

Storage Conditions:
Preferably store in fresh, dry and dark environment

Delivery Terms:
Packaging: Sealed plastic bag in envelope
Transport from Spain: Postal service
Delivery costs: Depending on order size
Delivery time: 1 week

Minimum Order: 100 grams (+/- 140.000 seeds)

Price: 300 € (VAT + Shipping not included)
Special discount for large orders