What is Stevia?

Who is AgriStevia?

Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni is a fantastic natural sweetener that has been used for centuries by the indigenous cultures of the tropical and subtropical regions in South-America. The plant is known as Stevia, but in other parts of the world is also known as “Sweet Leaf”, “Sugar Leaf” or “Honey Leaf”. The thick, soft leaves contain steviol glycosides that give the sweet taste without the harmful side-effects of many other sweeteners, as it is 100% natural. The steviol glycosides do not affect the blood sugar level and that is why Stevia is commonly used by diabetes patients. The extract of the Stevia plant can be up to 400 times sweeter that normal white refined table sugar.

AgriStevia S.L. is the first professional Spanish Farm Management company and Sales Intermediair of high quality non-transgenic, organic and ecological cultivated stevia, with a strong focus on stevia agronomics from plant breeding to good agricultural practices, to post harvest techniques and commercialisation. Our principal products are: seeds, seedlings, cloned plants, adult plants, dry stevia leaves and stevia powder. AgriStevia invests in heavily in R&D and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as providing services to contract collaborating growers. AgriStevia was founded on the principal of implementing quality agribusiness solutions for innovating and maximizing the production of stevia.

Our head office and farm operations are located in Murcia (Spain) and we have planned operations in Holland and Paraguay. The management team has extensive knowledge in specialized farm management practices. Our mission is to be a major producer of stevia leaf and to be the European leader in servicing stevia farmers. Our vision is to be the preferred stevia agri-partner creating international synergies to ensure a sustainable and quality supply chain of ecological and organic cultivated stevia.